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PM6000 Multi Phase Power Analyzer

upload date: 2011-1-9

                                           PM6000 Multi Phase Power Analyzer
                                                               The new standard in power analysis
With constant consumer and legislative pressure to design more efficient electrical products, design engineers need a more sophisticated way of validating and testing their designs. The PM6000 is the answer – providing greater flexibility and bandwidth at higher accuracy – with up to six wattmeter channels.
The PM6000 is an advanced digital sampling power analyzer that can be fitted with up to 6 measurement channels. Each channel is a separate wattmeter with fully floating inputs for connection to the voltage and current of the power circuit to be measured.
The Voltech PM6000 combines years of power measurement know-how with the latest digital signal processing technology to provide a unique combination of measurement and reporting features that will solve power measurements problems.
  • Up to 6 wattmeter channels
  • Basic accuracy: 0.02% of reading
  • Bandwidth: 10MHz
  • Easy-to-use in all applications
The PM6000 comes with an optional Hard Drive. Other optional features include Plug in Shunts and Analog Inputs for measuring torque and speed.
Key Features
  • Up to 6 wattmeter channels
  • 0.02% basic accuracy for definitive power loss and efficiency measurements
  • Sampling at 40MHz (5MHz minimum) for error-free results
  • Outstanding rejection of common-mode signals for accuracy in all applications
  • A bright color display and intuitive menu system for ease of use
  • Connectivity: RS232, Printer, Ethernet, USB* (*Future Release)
The PM6000 is an advanced digital sampling power analyzer, It can be fitted with between 1 and 6 measurement channels, each a separate wattmeter with fully floating inputs for connection to the voltage and current of the power circuit to be measured.
Voltages up to 2000 Vpk may be connected directly to the measurements channels and a wide variety of current transducers may be used, including wide-bandwidth resistive current shunts from Voltech

For other external current transducers, such as hall-effect CTs, each channel can supply +_ 12V power.

Unique and proprietary algorithms are used to process the measurement samples and provide stable and accurate measurements in all applications.
Plug In Shunts
The Voltech shunts plug directly into the measurement channel for convenience, and have the advantage that the shunt’s calibration data is automatically transferred to the PM6000. Providing optimum accuracy for the complete measurement path.
PM6000 Back Panel
with 6 channels
and 3 Voltech
30A shunts
30A Shunt
Bandwidth: DC to 1MHz
Current: 30Arms, 250Apk continues
Accuracy: 0.02% reading basic
1A Shunt
Bandwidth: DC to 10MHz
Current: 2.5Arms, 5Apk continues
Accuracy: 0.02% reading basic
Display and Control
Measurements are displayed on the bright, color VGA display and are available via one of the communications interfaces. The display may be split to show numeric and graphical information at various zoom levels. Color is used to identify measurements form one particular phase or group of phases.

Communications options include RS232, IEEE488 and printer. Further interface are fitted and will be enabled in software at future release.

On the front panel, the display soft-keys and rotary control are used to select the measurement to display form each channel or group of channels. Working through the options step-by-step allows you to configure channels into groups for a variety of multi-phase connections, to set scaling for external voltage and current transducers, and to choose the required measurements. At the rear, comprehensive control is provided via RS232. Standard printers may be connected directly for local print-out of numeric results. The Ethernet port allows for powerful control and datalogging to a network drive.
Analog inputs (Torque and Speed)
Analog Input with NI USB6009
Auxiliary measurements such as torque, speed, temperature, pressure and many others may be analysed along with the PM6000’s electrical measurements in one convenient location using the PM6 VPAS software operating on a PC and the inexpensive National Instruments USB6009 analog input module.
The NI USB6009 provides:
  • Up to 4 Inputs
  • +_10V analog
  • Differential input for noise immunity
  • Pulse counter input
  • Power from USB
  • Screw terminals for easy connection
The PM6 VPAS software provides all the set-up required.



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