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Inform's new Guardian&Guardian LCD Series UPS

upload date: 2010-12-9


Unexpected power problems can be very expensive and needs to be secured very professionally. Inform Electronic, one of the European leading power solution specialist, is established in 1980 with the aim of designing and building industrial electronic systems. Soon after, it diversified into the production, and marketing of standard professional electronic equipment, and special projects.
The company always combine its experience with its innovative identity and is recognized by its worldwide technology leading character. Right business understanding of Inform makes the company one of the most wanted brands in the world, The Company has 27,500 m² closed production area, committed to the manufacturing of electrical products and electronic equipment.

Analysing infrastructural conditions, and customer needs, the company decided to provide complete solutions. Inform product range varies from Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Systems, Voltage Regulators, to DC Power Supply, Telecom Equipments, Battery chargers, Invertors, 19’ rack cabinets and other electrical products and electronic equipment.

Since its foundation, INFORM ELECTRONIC has based its strategy on three main policies:

• Total Quality of its products and services,
• Tailored Solutions to specific customer needs,
• Customer satisfaction and happiness,

GUARDIAN UPS is specially aimed for use with multi function personal computer. It is equipped with boost & buck AVR to stabilize the wide input voltage range. It also comes with high-efficient switch-mode battery charger. This charger design minimizes power loss to save charging time. The built-in DC start function enables the UPS to be started up without a supply of AC power. The main features of this UPS are listed below:
 Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
 Built-in enhanced boost & buck AVR
 Fast charger
 DC start function
 Auto restart during AC recovery
 Optional Modem and phone-line surge production
 Optional RS-232 communication port
 Compact size, light weight




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