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TDK-Lambda programmable power supply

upload date: 2010-12-9

TDK-Lambda ZUP Series Programmable CVCC 200W~800W

The ZUP Series provides the broadest range of single output, zero-up, stand-alone programmable power supplies available today. They provide the ideal solution for a wide range of laboratory systems and industrial applications.

The ZUP Series provides the flexibility required for today's ATE and system needs. The digitally controlled front panel is easy to use, and provides precise control of the power supply output.

The ZUP Series has models from 200W to 800W with a range from zero to sixty volts. All models are backed by a 3 Year Warranty. ZUP has standard 85 - 265VAC, Wide Range, Single Phase input with Active Power Factor Correction. An embedded RS232/485 Interface is contained in the standard package saving space and allowing versatile serial interface communication. GPIB programming is available as a separate unit option, which communicates to the power supplies over the RS485 line. A rackmount Kit enables up to six units to be mounted in 19" Rack (800W is two units wide).

AC Input
85-265VAC continuous, 47-63Hz
US power cord standard
Efficiency 69-84% dependant on model
Power factor - 0.99
Softstart AC inrush

Output Characteristics
Load Regulation:
CV 0.005% +2mV
CC 0.01% +5mA
Line Regulation: (85-132, 170-265VAC)
CV 0.005% +1mV
CC 0.01% +2mA
Ripple: CV (5Hz to 1MHz BW), 5mV RMS (20MHz BW), 50mV p-p
Stability: better than 0.05%
Operating temp.: 0-50 Deg C full output. Series parallel operation
Remote sense up to 0.5V per line

Protective Features
Adjustable Overvoltage, Undervoltage
Foldback (overcurrent)
Safe or automatic restart mode

Front panel controls, remote analog resistance (0-4kohm), voltage and current programming (0-4 V)
Internal RS232/485 standard GPIB/RS485
Controller available(GP485)


200W - 2.75" W x 4.88" H x 13.78" D
400W - 2.75" W x 4.88" H x 13.78" D
800W - 5.5" W x 4.88" H x 13.78" D
GP485 - 2.75" W x 4.88" H x 13.78" D
200W - 6.4lbs/2.8kg
400W - 9.3lbs/3.2kg
800W - 16.8lbs/5.8kg
GP485 - 5.6lbs/1.95kg
Rack mount kit available (NL100)
Front panel output kit available (/L)
20A max current

Agency Approvals

CE Mark standard
Safety: UL3111-1, EN61010-1
EMC: EN61326-1, IEC61326-1, FCC Part 15 (Class A)
EN55022B Conducted
EN55022A Radiated



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