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PM6000 Multi Phase Power Analyzer

upload date: 2010-12-9

Why Voltech?

When your business is dependent on accurate, fast and guaranteed measurement results, you need a name you can trust. For over 20 years Voltech has been revolutionizing the way power analyzers and transformer testers are designed. We remain committed to bringing you the latest technology so that your products can meet today's test and measurement standards. For the quality you deserve, Voltech is there for you.
Voltech:The World Leader in Power Analyzers and Transformer Testers
With constant consumer and legislative pressure to design more efficient electrical products, design engineers need a more sophisticated way of validating and testing their designs. The PM6000 is the answer – providing greater flexibility and bandwidth at higher accuracy – with up to six wattmeter channels.
The PM6000 is an advanced digital sampling power analyzer that can be fitted with up to 6 measurement channels. Each channel is a separate wattmeter with fully floating inputs for connection to the voltage and current of the power circuit to be measured.

The Voltech PM6000 combines years of power measurement know-how with the latest digital signal processing technology to provide a unique combination of measurement and reporting features that will solve power measurements problems.
  • Up to 6 wattmeter channels
  • Basic accuracy: 0.02% of reading
  • Bandwidth: 10MHz
  • Easy-to-use in all applications
The PM6000 comes with an optional Hard Drive. Other optional features include  Plug in Shunts and Analog Inputs for measuring torque and speed.



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