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About Bestern

As an Asian Electronics Sales, Marketing and Design Solution company, Bestern-asia industrial Limited was founded in 2007 in HK. We mainly focus on OEM and ODM customers base and provide supply chain service in the region of Greater China, and face all over the world. Currently, we have six offices in Asia, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi¡¯an and Chengdu. Our fast growing business is based on our focus in technical support to our customers in every stage of production, from R&D, mass production, configuration and re-engineering, etc., as well as continuous commitment in adding values. With a professional, technically competent, and experienced management team, we are able to assist our customers in design, re-engineering cost reduction, and product performance improvement.

Bestern-asia provides specialized services and expertise at each stage of product¡¯s life cycle, accelerating and simplifying the journey from concept to market. Each product¡¯s journey begins with the technology innovations of Bestern-asia¡¯s suppliers who introduce thousands of new components and computer products everyday. Bestern-asia¡¯s customers use these technologies to design and manufacture products from home security systems to global telecommunications networks.

The journey from concept to market has become increasingly complex in today¡¯s business environment. Bestern-asia customers frequently design and manufacture products across multiple, global locations. Rapid changes in technology add new challenges to product design and manufacturing. Bestern-asia makes connections across a complex supply chain, manages that complexity, and expedite each juncture of the journey through design, fulfillment, materials planning, inventory management, and manufacturing solutions.


Channel, Price, Delivery and Service is our essential philosophy and we sincerely wish we can build a good and stable relationship with the customers from domestic and oversea and also can wildly cooperate with craft brother.

Quality products at competitive prices, Bestern-asia¡¯s promise. Over the years, Bestern-asia has built up close relationships with its suppliers to ensure steady supply full range of products at competitive prices. Our good relationships with suppliers are the envy of the industry and continue to enable us to offer most competitive prices and services to our customers. Bestern-asia¡¯s mission is to be the distributor for our customers and suppliers choose all the time.

About Bestern >> Company Profile

Company Name:  Bestern Asia Industrial Limited

Core Business:  Power Supply/Eletronic Instrument/Electronic Components

Products:  Power Supply, Power Analyzer, Transformer Tester, Thermal Imager, Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Switches, Connectors, IC, Semiconductor & Passive Components

Number of International & Local Suppliers:  50+

Founded in:  2007

Sales Locations:  6 offices -Hong Kong and China mainland(Shenzhen,Beijing,Shanghai,Xi¡¯an and Chengdu)

Total Warehouse Space:  500+ Sq. in Hong kong

Sales Revenue:  US$7.23 million in 2008, US$8.55 million in 2009, US$9.56 million in 2010

Total Number of Employees:  30+

Number of Customers:  500+

Main Customers:  Philips, Siemens, LG, Samsung, Emerson, Lineagepower, Delta, Bosch Rexroth, Covidien, Epcos, Astec, Johnsonelectric, Huawei, ZTE, NaRi, XJ, BYD, Hanslaser etc.

Learn more about Bestern Asia, click to download Bestern Asia¡¯s company brochure.


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